Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Woman’s handbag :A Mysterious Dungeon

I was at a busy mall with my friend, when her cell phone began to ring in the vast caverns of her capacious bag. After the choicest of abuses and rummaging through the mess, she still couldn’t figure out where the damn thing was .Before I could offer my assistance, she found an empty counter nearby and turned the bag inside out. I watched with a mixed feeling of amazement and horror at the contents that lay there.

* crumpled handkerchiefs

*keys (at least two bunches)

*lip gloss


*wet tissues

*a small compact

*eye liner

*a small coin purse

*a wallet

* Hand Cream
*Hair Brush

*Sanitary napkins

*chewing gums



*A book :0

* Cigarettes


*Some condoms (I was shocked and she explained “just in case”, leaving me speechless)

* Some old parking tickets and a whole lot of other papers.

It also had stuff which was alien to me.Though familiar.

I wondered how she could WALK UPRIGHT!!!!

The bulging thing resembled a mini bazaar itself. By that time the cell had stopped ringing making the search even more difficult.

Soon she started throwing things back into the dilapidated back.Which started to swell with pride as it got stuffed .I just looked on. I remembered having read somewhere that a messy bag with stuff spilling out tells a huge story about the habits and traits of its owner.

I asked her why the hell she carried such a big bag everywhere even to a nearby coffee shop. Pat came the reply, “The handbag is kinda security blanket for us yar, and has almost everything we will need for all situations emergency and mundane. It will be one of these that save you from a natural disaster one day”You too should carry one. She looked at my small purse with disapproval.

“But, so many things, I mean, damn it Vandy, look at the stuff you are carrying!”I said .

“They just come fully equipped! Like a shield and most of all a confidence booster”.

This woman’s fascination with her high priority arm accessory was clearly visible and I let the matter drop before it took an ugly turn .I was happy with my simple stuff but then I couldn’t deny the fact that whatever she was carrying had some importance in a new age woman’s life .Well at least 80%of it .These were ‘impossible to do without’ and very obvious articles , more of a lifestyle necessity than a fashion accessory.

There should be an entire science dedicated to the study of women handbags – Bagology.

I learned that the handbags are for women, what cell-wallet-keys are to men. Apart from that , they are the style statement.

Handbags give uniqueness to women and reflect their personality. To a woman’s ensemble, handbags are like the jewelry she wears. They are one of the most important accessories in her wardrobe.

A woman does not need to carry a stunning alligator Burberry bag, a Louis Vuitton, a Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada or something sinfully expensive to look appealing. It’s how confident you look and how comfortable you feel with what you have that makes all the difference.

The style and trends change according to the fashion trends and tastes but one thing that never changes is the secrets that lie beyond the closed handbag.

I tried in vain to explain to her, what a pain in back, the handbags were, and how very unhygienic too. Women’s purses carry more bacteria and disease than any other object we touch throughout the day. They land up on the floor in restaurants, in bathrooms. The carry-all found its way onto various counters and into cubby holes that seldom saw the light of day.

Dumping the over stuffed bad on to the restroom counter, she pointed out to an assortment of five equally bad handbags there. “Wanna take a peek at what’s inside these.” she laughed. And I wondered what secret those monsters held.

And as we moved into a nice cozy Resto bar, all I could see was handbags n more handbags. I think I was getting obsessed with them. The beasts of burden carrying those pretty things seemed extremely comfortable with them.

Tripping over one such gargoyle, I wondered, why don’t the restaurants install handbag hangers under their tables and bar counters?

As I sipped my hot coffee, I realized that what ever said and done handbags were woman’s best friend was an Unchallengeable truth.

BTW The cell phone that started the journey into the wonderful world of handbags was in her jeans pocket

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