Friday, May 8, 2009

Vanishing Ancient Craft of India : TIKULI Craft
Tikuli is an ancient craft of Bihar state in India which needs to be revived along with twenty four more crafts. A beautiful craft involving thin blown glass, gold and jewels, it was at one time pride of Indian women.


ktheLeo said...

Oopps! I got it wrong it is not ’तकली’its ’टिकुली’!मांझे माथे पे लगाने वाली ’बिन्दिया’what a great artistic name,so its your name too beside ur Blogg's. 'Khalil' looks great there.Great!
Happy bolgging!

varunshridhar said...

had read this post in it's original in the actual page u wrote this on. NIce to know.. but y the switch from WP to Blogger? isn't it always the other way around for everyone? anyways! happy writing on this page! WP misses a nice blogger!

tiku said...

:) Thanks KtheLeo
got it right now .. it is my real name and the blog's name is Spinning the Yarn

Hey Varun I am still on WP and this blog is for my links from AC just to promote traffic. so wp still has the nice blogger :)
thanks for visiting.